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USFSP Library Information Commons Becomes Sole Open Use Lab
Posted by Berrie Watson on 15 May 2013 01:16 PM
USFSP Library Information Commons Becomes Sole Open Use Lab

May 16, 2013

The USFSP Library Information Commons (IC) is expanding to assume the role of the sole open-use lab at USFSP. Located on the 1st floor of the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library the area aims to provide students with new open-use computer lab configurations for enhanced collaboration, study, and research.

As of May 6, 2013, construction began in the Bayboro Hall 226 and 227 computing space, closing the open use computing lab and replacing it with a testing center and an extended Help Desk workspace. The renovations are scheduled to be completed during the week of May 20th. Students, faculty, and staff should still direct all non open-use lab technology issues and questions to the Campus Computing Help Desk in BAY 226 or online at  The Help Desk will continue to provide access to Scantron scoring to faculty. Classroom-based printing in Bay 226 will resume once remodeling is complete, and Bull Bucks will print in Black & White from the USFSP Virtual Lab and through wireless printing (contact the Office of Campus Computing for details).

This change was planned jointly by the Library’s Systems and Digital Technology office and the Office of Campus Computing with the goal to consolidate computer labs on the campus without diminishing the service provided to students. Changes to the Library’s infrastructure and financial support will be necessary to complete the transition.  The information below addresses each major facet of the services offered in the former CCS open-use lab, and how the Library’s Information Commons will address the service need.

The CCS open-use lab used BullBucks exclusively, and there were no other open-use labs on campus, dorms or service areas using BullBucks for printing.  The library will not change its printing service but instead will continue with the Ricoh system and a cash-based payment option while other options are evaluated.   So, for the summer, there will be NO CHANGE to the Library’s printing service..  The price of printing in the Information Commons will remain at .15 for the immediate future. Future pricing and printing options will depend on the volume of printing and other service demands
Alternative printing is available free of cost for students in the SLC (Student Life Center).  Any other questions about BullBucks should be referred to CCS at BAY 226.

There are several applications that the CCS lab loaded locally for students and that the USFSP Library information commons did not utilize.  Below is a listing of each of these, and the status of their adoption within the library IC.  All applications are available now in our facility, through different sources both onsite and virtually.

Virtual Locations referenced in the software items below include:
USFSP CCS Virtual Computer Lab
USF Virtual Apps

SPSS- We are running this locally on all machines.  It is also available via 
SAS- Available via the library Laptops through, although with limited functionality.  Also available on computers 01 – 05 on the east end of the “horseshoe”.  More workstations may be added as determined by demand.
Adobe InDesign (Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator)- These apps to be provided by USFSP Campus Computing via VMWare View.  We will continue to run Photoshop on one end computer in the Info Commons, but will not support OCR scanning or automated scanning activities.
ACL Workstation 9 – This software is installed locally on all IC machines.  Also it is on the Tampa virtual application server at
MyITLab – This plug-in is installed on our PC laptops.  The dataset is rather large for this application, but will be made available via a hosted or external drive upon request.
ArcGIS-  Available on laptops or the Info Commons at, data for it is available from that location. 
ERDAS-   Available under ArcGIS Desktop Virtual environment at USFSP Apps.  Use the link under All Programs called VMWare View Client, or if on a laptop follow instructions for VMWare View at .

The CCS lab allowed unassisted OCR scanning in their lab.  This will not be available within the library. The Library will continue to provide both Adobe Photoshop and image scanning with instructions, as we have in the past.

Future Computing Availability
In the short term, power and network installations will enable several other areas on the 1st floor of the library to house additional computers and furniture.  The most likely locations for this are to the west of the current Info Commons configuration, especially surrounding each of the “pillars” and across to the adjacent area on the opposite side of the library atrium.  This is one potential model for a pillar-based addition (taken from the recent UCF library remodel):


UCF Library Remodel 


Computers were transferred from CCS to the library to allow additional future computing resources to become available. At the same time, the campus made a commitment to refresh all 65 Information Commons machines in the upcoming Technology Fee budget for 2013. As desk space and furniture become available, look for more machines to appear in the Library’s Information Commons.

Questions and Comments
If you have any questions or comments, please contact USFSP Library Systems & Digital Technology at or submit your comments through the Systems online form at Students and others are encouraged to leave comments regarding the print system and computing availability and operation.  Name and email fields will be mandatory on this form to allow us to update users of planned changes.

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